Sunday, 9 March 2014


Hi !

So, this is my story line. Life revolving and time pass by. So i don't want to miss making many good memories as life is too short to live. my name is RUSYADAH BT SUJARWI. i am 23 years old girl with crooked teeth and mole under the chin. ehehehe.. you can call me SYADA.

now i am taking Bachelor in Human Resource Management with Hons at UUM. you can visit my campus website by CLICK HERE

so, the official and the most cutest (hihi) author of this blog is......

As you see the picture above, i just an ordinary girl with extraordinary purpose of life. I lived in a very simple life with a big family at Sungai Buloh, Selangor. I am the third from five happening siblings. My mom always remind me that life is just a medium to achieve the real life which is akhirat. So dont west time with a nonsense things that can not give you any benefit.

catch me at my dakwah page & my instashop estilo_rabiossa

spread more love and lets make a memories !